Melodifestivalen app

art direction, concept, UI

Everyone knows Swedes love the Eurovision Song Contest. So much so, they hold a 6-week long contest called Melodifestivalen to determine their entry to the festival. With as many as 4 million viewers — just under half the population of Sweden — it’s the nation’s most watched program, generating passionate responses from fans and observers alike. But in recent years, views have dropped and sentiment has floundered, with many viewers expressing a doubts over whether the show is even filmed live. So to help viewers feel a real-time connection with the show, we created a second screen app that encouraged users to vote with all their heart in real time. On-screen graphics showed how many people were 'heart voting' for an act. By moving away from produced reality and towards real-time, genuine interaction with the show, our second-screen app boosted viewer engagement and enthusiasm for Melodifestivalen.

In 2016 we collected 36 711 512 votes, compared to 3 273 285 votes in 2014, before the app. It's an increase of 1 021% in engagement. There are now over a million app users. In 2016 we were awarded Gold at Svenska Designpriset, and nominated to 100Wattaren and Guldnyckeln.